Third Party Management



When it comes to hotel and resort operations, Dimension is regarded as a true industry leader. As a growth-oriented, quality-driven owner-operator, we strive to excel in all aspects of property performance, quality, and service. Quite simply, we are all about results.  But we know that measuring profit alone will not get us to our full potential.  So, in addition to financial measures, we focus on operational measures such as guest satisfaction, online reputation, associate satisfaction, internal processes, and improvement activities.  This comprehensive approach encompasses various key components, each critical in shaping the hotel’s identity, performance, and guest experience. From assembling a skilled leadership team and devising a robust operational blueprint, honing the hotel’s competitive edge to meticulously overseeing financials, the following details the vital stages that contribute to a prosperous journey from pre-opening preparations to ongoing operations.


  • Assemble a proficient leadership team by recruiting, on-boarding, orienting, and training.
  • Formulate comprehensive strategies for food and beverage services.
  • Prepare a pre-opening budget for Owner approval and maintain regular submission of monthly reports detailing pre-opening activities.
  • Coordinate all essential pre-opening activities to ensure a seamless and professional launch of the hotel’s operations.
  • Develop holistic business strategies encompassing operating and capital budgets.
  • Oversee profit and loss statements with a focus on maximizing revenue, operational efficiency, and margin enhancement.
  • Provide corporate supervision and robust expertise in various areas including sales, marketing, revenue management, e-Commerce, accounting, IT support, HR, food and beverage, facilities management, and purchasing.
  • Implement innovative technological solutions to optimize operational efficiency, technical processes, and elevate guest services.
  • Manage the complete cycle of recruiting, training, and fostering associate development.
  • Ensure smooth daily accounting operations and conduct regular financial audits.
  • Supervise additional amenities like spas, parking facilities, fitness centers, and recreational services.
  • Manage overall facilities and lead capital improvement initiatives.
  • Implement preventive maintenance strategies and track service efficiency through housekeeping and service tracking programs.


Like-Minded Partners Wanted

Ready to discover the Dimension Difference? Turn your property over to the revenue-generating leader in the industry. Our market experts have a proven track record of elevating struggling hotels from mediocrity to financial excellence.  Our passion for daily discipline and flawless execution translates to exemplary returns.  We are so confident in our people, we have a ground breaking balance scorecard approach to management fees that aligns with our partners to ensure all key measures are best in class.

Complimentary & Confidential Consultative Assessment

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Technology & Innovation

We are dedicated to a steadfast investment of approximately $1 million dollars in technology, recognizing its pivotal role in driving innovation and enhancing our capabilities. Embracing cutting-edge tools and solutions, we strive to remain at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently delivering value and superior experiences to our stakeholders.


Food and Beverage Operations

Dimension Hospitality puts creativity to the forefront and encourages our distinguished chefs, culinary team members, mixologists and servers to find new methods and practices that set us apart from the rest. From our restaurants, bars, catering services, coffee shops and executive lounges, we seek to execute high quality crafted food & beverage services that all of our guests deserve.

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Commercial Strategy

Our commercial strategy serves as a guiding compass, directing teams toward shared goals and amplifying their collective impact in revenue generation.
The core strength of this approach lies in its ability to bring unity to a range of diverse functions. By directing the combined efforts of sales, marketing, revenue management, and ecommerce through a focused and purpose-driven approach, the strategy enhances overall collaboration. This cohesion not only simplifies the quest for primary revenue but also amplifies the influence of additional income streams, resulting in a harmonious blend of strategies rather than separate elements.


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