What makes our food and beverage program different

Dimension Hospitality showcases culinary excellence though its various outlets. With a mixture of nearly 80 full Service, mid-level and select service hotels, we offer innovated, approachable culinary items, classic to trendy craft cocktails, local microbrews, and wines that highlight each region of the world. Dimension Hospitality puts creativity to the forefront and encourages our distinguished chefs, culinary team members, mixologists and servers to find new methods and practices that set us apart from the rest. From our restaurants, bars, catering services, coffee shops and executive lounges, we seek to execute high quality crafted food & beverage services that all of our guests deserve.


Inspiration for our restaurants

Our goal is to create modern food that exhibits flair while using timeless food preparation methods that showcase our technique, skills and diverse backgrounds. We always look to incorporate more innovative practices that will keep us ahead of the trends in the ever-so-evolving hospitality industry. Our guests are the inspiration, and our team of highly qualified chefs, bartenders and servers are at the forefront to provide innovated menus, trendy beverage programs and high-quality detailed service standards.

Operational Expertise
Menu Concepts
Creative Activations
Innovative Designs & Concepts

Love of Food/Culinary

Food artistry has always been a field that requires intense amounts of dedication, passion, and determination. We have the privilege of working in hospitality where we can envision, create, and present masterfully crafted menu items for our guests. We take great pride in the food we create and continue to seek new ingredients, preparation methods and food pairings that help unlock new experiences for anyone who comes to our many diverse outlets.

Unique Approach

At Dimension, our new generation of F&B professionals create their own style concepts through their own interpretation of ingredients and techniques. That’s why we are unique, fun and flavorful in every way.

Quote'The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for your steak to cook'

Julia Childs