When you work here, you can really go places! As these videos show, we’re all about loyalty and helping our people move up within the company.

“About 6 years ago, I joined the Dimension family as a Night Auditor at a Marriott hotel and have seen the trajectory of my career increase significantly. As a Front Office Manager, I still get excited about delivering high level service and fostering stronger customer loyalty.”

Italia Eteuati, Front Office Manager

“Dimension provides the tools, resources and support to their employees to ensure success for the team and individuals. I really appreciate that Dimension fosters an environment where associates are motivated to excel and provide high levels of service.”

Lilibeth Gonzalez, Cluster Director of Operations

“I have been in the hospitality for 10 years! What I enjoy he most of this industry is creating memorable experiences with lasting memories!”

Oscar Mercedes, Guest Services Representative

“I started with Dimension at the age of 18, the courtyard Santa Clarita was my first job and I love that we are like a big family. This job has taught me a lot of skills that I can use in both my professional and personal life.”

Cesar Espericueta Jr., Engineering

“I have worked for Dimension for 25 years. A great company to work for.” 

Micki Heineken, Director of Sales

“I have worked for Dimension for the past 20 plus years.  Dimension has given me opportunities to grow in areas of customer service, sales, and technology.  It is my opinion, that Dimension is a strong company that cares about its employees.  Here at Dimension, we are “family”.”

Jimmie Morris, Executive Housekeeper

“During these difficult times with Covid, Dimension has reconfirmed to me why my 20 years of employment as Executive Housekeeper has been professional the best time of my life.”

Esperanza Londono, Executive Housekeeper

“Over the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to grow within the company and working for Dimension has been a delight.”

Paula Gonzalez, Front Office Manager/ARM

“I’ve enjoyed working for this company for 16years.I started as a regular front desk associate. Work my way up to being the Front desk Manager. I will continue to strive for excellence throughout the rest of my career.”

Tiffany Ainsworth, Front Desk Manager

“I have worked in the hospitality industry for 22 years, all around the world! I enjoy connecting with new people and making them feel welcomed.”

Yamile Martinez, Server

“Dimension treats each employee as though they are part of family which makes you feel cared for and appreciated.”

Nicole Johnson, Guest Service Supervisor

“I’ve seen much change from when I started to now. With the new manager, our world is better than it has ever been.”

Magdalena Gomez, Room Attendant

“I have been at Hilton Garden Inn Lubbock for just over a year.  I started as Temporary Labor and from day one, I was made to feel like a part of the team.  I have had many wonderful examples set for me, from Sales and HR helping serve food in banquets to the GM walking around outside emptying trash.  Everyone here is just like family with a goal of serving our guests.”

Steven Finch, Housekeeping Houseman

“I am impressed on how Dimension truly cares about the wellness of their associates.”

Kristy Shawen, Sales Manager

“I appreciate the support we receive from Dimension’s senior leadership team which allows us to work together to achieve our goal.”

Nicole Lem, Sales Manager